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Letter of Marque "Zebra"

lines drawing for the half hull

    Moose Island Design created a half model of the Letter of Marque "Zebra" (later named the HMS "Pictou") for a local historian, to lines obtained from the National Maritime Museum in London, England.

half hull model - lifts - bow view


The half hull model is done to 1/4" = 1' scale, using the waterline lift method.  Here are some pictures of the lifts before beginning the carving.

half hull - lifts - stern view

 Lifts were cut to the waterline shape and epoxied in place.  The hull lifts are of white pine, and the waterline lift is mahogany.  The next step is to start carving the lifts down to their common lines, checking with station molds in areas of great curvature to be sure the shape is correct.  Here are some pictures of the hull roughed out to the lines.  Now there is much fairing and detailed section shaping to be done.

carved half-hull stern view

  With the majority of the section shaping completed, the hull is now faired to more closely match the lines on the lines plan. As you can see the half-hull is now starting to look like a boat.

half hull carving - profile a

half hull carving lower hull

Story of the Zebra

The schooner Zebra was built in 1812 by Adam and Noah Brown. 

Launched in November, she sailed from New York in December bound for Bordeaux, carrying cotton. 

On April 11, 1813 she sailed from Bordeaux loaded with brandy and dry goods, carrying seven passengers, one of which was her owner, James Dunlap. 

She was captured the next day after a six hour chase by the frigate H.M.S  Pyramus

Zebra carried 10 guns and a crew of 37 besides her master.  She was taken into the Admiralty as  Schooner H.M.S Pictou.

On February 14, 1814 she was captured by the USS Constitution.

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